Space planning can turn a busy workplace into a spacious more functional space. Looking at options from the growth of your business, your spacial needs, IT requirements to legal requirements we can maximize the potential of your workplace and create a space that will be fresh and functional for years to come.


By working with us to identify the spacial needs of your workplace we can carry out a feasibility study to identify your storage needs, workspace layouts, the intended growth of your business and how you wish your employees to interact with one another and customers.


By identifying your needs, we can design  an accurate layout plan to identify where space can be made and how existing space can be fully utilized, whilst adhering to existing legal regulations on workspaces. We can also provide three-dimensional representations of your plan to allow for a better visualization of the plan, allowing our clients a realistic look at how the property will look once completed.


The importance of the technological needs for your property are always a consideration for us, we understand that in a world becoming increasing more technology based it's important to be able to use the technological world to your benefits. IT solutions from servers to projector screens, can be invaluable to a business in terms of keeping up with the online market.


Working closely with trusted tradesmen we are able to provide quality, dynamic and cost-effective solutions. With our competitive tendering process we can always assure the best value possible, whilst maintaining a quality finish.




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